Creating a new understanding of change

RYD, The Dynamics of Groups and Societies Think Tank participates in the national Finnish social debate by examining Finland and its inhabitants through a group dynamic analysis. With this approach the think tank turns the spotlight on the ways society is controlled. By opening up the workings of society through the deployment of group dynamic behaviour models, RYD makes visible the corruption that skews organisations from the devotion to their primary task.

RYD publishes the National Dynamics online magazine and organises Recognise Corruption Workshops for young politicians. To carry out its work on these matters, RYD has received a three-year grant from Finland’s Kone Foundation promoting bold initiatives in research and the arts.

Recognise Corruption Workshop

Registration for the Recognise Corruption Workshop is now open. The first workshop will be held in Helsinki. The date will be announced later. Among those young politicians who have registered, 30 will be invited to attend.

In the workshop you will learn:

  • To recognise corrupt mechanisms
  • To reflect on the national self-image
  • To create ways to fight corruption
  • To identify corrupt leadership
  • To discuss the blind spots in decision making


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