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In order to convey its understanding of change and its associated challenges, RYD publishes the National Dynamics online magazine. National Dynamics is a publication that reflects on the ways in which Finnish society is organised by bringing topical phenomena and events to the discussion. The magazine is mainly published in Finnish but it also carries articles in English and Swedish.

The journal approaches social development and change processes from a psychodynamic perspective, which also utilises task and boundary awareness related to systems thinking.

The magazine frame is built on keywords describing sensitive focal points of change, based on a systemic psychodynamic theory of group dynamics. Keywords describe the social phenomena and themes in which the difficulties of change have been found to settle. Read more about keywords and their explanations.

Social change processes can get stuck or lead to fragmentation. The magazine recognises   that each group or nation experiences change in its own way that is rooted in self-understanding, culture and history.

In addition to the magazine’s editor-in-chief Anja Salmi, the editorial board includes Satu Engblom. In its editorial work, the magazine is committed to principles of good journalism.

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Why national?

In the field of international relations, the word national refers to the study of group dynamics specific to nations and states. For the purposes of the work of National Dynamics, the word national in the magazine’s title refers to the online magazine’s area of ​​operation – i.e., Finnish society. A clearer equivalent from Finnish word kansallinen would be social, but due to its international relevance, the magazine uses the word national in its Finnish name Kansallinen Dynamiikka.

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