Members of the think tank

Jaana Hallamaa is Professor of Social Ethics at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Theology. She is vice PI in the research project Towards ethical use of AI (ETAIROS), funded by Strategic Research Council (Academy of Finland). Her research interests have extended to both theoretical and practical, or applied, ethics, never straying far from issues of justice and equality. During the first decade of the millennium, Hallamaa concentrated on bioethics and research ethics. Her research topics also included the role of Christianity, and especially Lutheranism, in European and Scandinavian social ethics; values and faith in ethics and morality; and the realities and possibilities of pluralism, integration, and consensus in social affairs. In recent years, Hallamaa has explored the theories of action and social action as elements of social ethics as well as ethics of AI. She is currently working on a project on Ethics of Failure: errors, mistakes and wrongdoing in social action.

Aki-Mauri Huhtinen, (LTC (GS), PhD) is a military professor at the Finnish National Defence University in the Department of Leadership and Military Pedagogy. His areas of expertise are military leadership, command and control, the philosophy of science in military organizational research and the philosophy of war. He has published peer-reviewed journal articles, a book chapter and books on information warfare and non-kinetic influence in the battle space.

Elina Knihtilä is a Professor of Acting at the Helsinki University of the Arts. She studied at the Theatre Academy, a founding institution of the present-day University of the Arts and graduated in 1996 as a Master of Theatre Art and an actor. Presently she works as a board member at the WIFT Finland ry, an association working for gender equality in the film and television industry. In the past Knihtilä has worked as the director of the board for the independent theatre group  Q-teatteri ry, as well as in the planning committee of the Baltic Circle -theatre festival.

Knihtilä has been active in the fields of television and cinema as an actor, for which she has been awarded two Jussi-awards. She’s also written for numerous comedy series and given presentation trainings for companies and other institutions. To the think tank Knihtilä brings her insight into how to share skills and perspective through the understanding of drama.

Anja Salmi  is the Chairman of the Think Tank and Cheaf Editor of National Dynamics. She holds a Post-Graduate Exam in Board Dynamics (Tavistock Institute). She is the CEO of the Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic Egofunktio Ltd as well as a board member of the AGSLO Foundation and the FINOD Association. Anja has long-standing experience working on the topic of large group dynamics based on Kleinian psychoanalytic thinking.

Sinikka Torkkola, PhD is a Senior Research Fellow at the Tampere University. She is specialized in health communication and health journalism. In her ongoing studies, she investigates the digitalization of the health care and influence of the social media on interactions between health experts and patients. Furthermore, she has done researches on health communication in the social media, health journalism, the theory of health communication, political journalism and gendered journalism.

Ilkka Väätti is a Doctor of Arts (D.A) and a visual artist.  He divides his time between painting, graphic design, building architectons,  and research. He has years of experience as an art teacher in numerous educational establishments. Väätti was the last artistic director of Lahti’s Institute of Fine Arts between 2015 – 2016, before the college merged into the present-day LAB University of Applied Sciences. His contributions to the operations of the think tank are on the fields of visual communication and permanency.


Anu Plym is a Bachelor of Media and Arts, specialized in visual journalism and storytelling. At the think tank she works as a co-ordinator. Beside her work she is finalizing her Masters degree on Social Sciences.